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6 common misconceptions of DSD Lite Dentistry resolved

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Combining teeth straightening with Invisalign® clear aligners and DSD Direct® injectable composite veneers, the Lite Dentistry treatment package offers a wider segment of patients an affordable and attractive alternative to more invasive and costly procedures.

For dentists and clinic owners who are facing the realities of running a thriving dental clinic during Covid-19, it is a strategy that could increase profitability without a major investment in equipment or extensive learning time.

Officially introduced at the 2019 Greater New York Dental Meeting to a packed lecture theater, DSD Lite Dentistry has received an overwhelmingly positive response from clinics worldwide. 

But how straightforward is Lite Dentistry to implement? In this blog post Christian Coachman addresses some of the frequently asked questions and discusses 6 common misconceptions about its approach and methodology.  

Misconception #1: Patients don’t want additional treatment

Aligner treatment has seen a huge surge in consumer demand over the past few years thanks to extensive marketing, celebrity endorsement and the power of social media. Many people know Invisalign treatment as a common brand name and believe it to be a trusted solution to getting straighter teeth.

As a result, many dentists choose to offer aligner treatment OR veneers but not the combination of both due to the perceived barriers of cost, time and invasiveness. 

“Lite Dentistry provides an easy way for patients to understand that their smile enhancement doesn’t have to end with aligner treatment. With the help of quick and affordable composite veneers with predictable results, patients can quickly see the value of having these finishing touches for a truly confident smile,” Christian Coachman explains. 

Lite Dentistry helps you show patients that combining BOTH treatments achieves beautiful results – safe in the knowledge that this is high-quality treatment that meets expectations and fits their budget.

Misconception #2: It’s difficult to identify ideal patients for Lite Dentistry

“We all get patients sitting in our chair who don’t like their teeth, but aren’t ready for permanent, comprehensive treatment. For some it’s the financial commitment, for others it’s lack of trust in dental procedures. This is when we need an alternative treatment option – and that’s Lite Dentistry!” Christian says. 

The ideal patients for Lite Dentistry are those who:

❌ Can’t commit financially to a full smile rehabilitation with permanent porcelain veneers

❌ Have the finances but are not ready for what they believe will be uncomfortable and complex treatment

❌ Have anxiety about dentistry or related aspects

Lite Dentistry can give these three patient types an alternative to permanent, comprehensive treatment that can have a positive impact on their quality of life. 

Misconception #3: Freehand composite veneers are the only alternative to porcelain veneers

Placing composite veneers doesn't need to be complicated! With the DSD Direct technique, it’s not necessary to master the exacting hand skills of freehand direct composite bonding to achieve excellent results.

Each DSD Direct injectable guide is digitally designed and manufactured to ensure precise measurements, predictable application and a completely natural look that can be difficult to achieve consistently using a freehand technique.

“As a general dentist, if your main goal is to hone your restorative skills, then doing direct composite veneers with a predictable result is a great place to start from and build into a skill set that includes more complex porcelain veneer restorations,” Christian adds. Lite Dentistry offers dentists a useful way to build a solid base onto which you can add more complex restorative work in the future.

"Not only does this strategy allow you to gain experience with a straightforward and predictable procedure, you’ll also build confidence with presenting more effective treatment plans to your patients," he explains. 

Misconception #4: Lite Dentistry is ONLY about marketing

Although visual and strategic storytelling is an important part of Lite Dentistry in order to see success in the clinic, it isn’t ONLY a marketing solution.

There are three clear steps to mastering Lite Dentistry:

1. Understanding the strategy and who the ideal patients are

2. Learning the technical and clinical steps needed to succeed with aligner treatment and how to do DSD Direct with consistently great results

3. Creating more attractive packages out of treatments you’re already offering in your clinic and knowing how to market them

“The clinical steps are something we cover at our in-person Lite Dentistry course and in our Lite Dentistry Masterclass, and we’ll teach you the tips and tricks needed to perform DSD Direct with precision, confidence and efficiency from the first try,“ he continues. 

In addition, there are a number of tooth movement solutions available through the DSD Planning Center that successful Invisalign Providers are using, helping them plan and execute smile transformations using Invisalign clear aligner treatment.

Misconception #5: There are no business advantages to this approach

Although Lite Dentistry is not just a marketing solution, the marketing power generated by Lite Dentistry has the potential to generate additional profit – particularly in the landscape of COVID-19 in which many people have dramatically changed their spending habits.

“Not only are you able to reach out to new and existing patients who could be ideal candidates for this treatment, but by presenting Invisalign treatment and direct composite restorations as one combined solution, you’re likely to see an increase in case acceptance,” he says. 

Lite Dentistry is also an ideal transitional restorative treatment that functions as a ‘test drive’ in itself, giving patients a stepping stone before more comprehensive and permanent restorative treatment.

"Plus, you’ll also be able to rehabilitate smiles in a more technically controlled way using the DSD Direct technique, saving you chairside time and making this method more cost-effective for your business. And there’s no need to use a lab to produce porcelain veneers either!," he adds.

Misconception #6: Only a very specific type of dentist can do Lite Dentistry with success

“Lite Dentistry is the ideal training tool for general dentists and dental specialists who are interested in the functional and esthetic benefits of this affordable and minimally invasive solution,” he explains. 

  • General dentists

If you’re looking for an easy restorative option to add to your treatment list, then Lite Dentistry is a suitable option. It is a conservative treatment solution that is the perfect step for patients who aren’t ready for permanent restorations yet… and one that patients are becoming more familiar with.

  • Invisalign providers

You’re already treating patients who are committed to aligner treatment, so this additional restorative service is the perfect opportunity to increase the value of these cases.

And using our easy-to-apply DSD Direct injectable guide, Invisalign providers can apply this technique that doesn’t require intensive and lengthy training.

  • Orthodontists

Add additional value to existing and future orthodontic cases with this package and potentially see an increase in case acceptance on your teeth straightening services with the patient communication approach in this solution. 

  • Restorative specialists

Our DSD Direct injectable composite method enables the delivery of precise and natural-looking composite veneers every time.

Not only can you save time in the chair, but you can also provide an affordable AND high-quality service that enhances smile transformations beyond what can sometimes be achieved by hand.

If you would like to master this proven method, check out Christian Coachman’s brand new online Lite Dentistry Masterclass here.

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