Christian Coachman - Jul 2, 2019

4 things to know about the iTero Element 5D

4 must-know facts about intraoral scanning with iTero Element 5D

When DSD Founder and CEO, Christian Coachman, visited the Align Technology headquarters in São Paulo, Brazil to learn more about the iTero Element 5D intraoral scanner, he gained some valuable insight into how this technology enhances a dental clinic’s digital workflows.

“We understand that the real power of technology is it helps us to improve the process of diagnosis, treatment planning and patient communication, which is one of the reasons why we have partnered with Align Technology since 2019. Align has always invested in the full journey of the patient. This is never more true than with the innovative iTero Element 5D Imaging system, which I was able to get a closer look at. What I like about it most is that it combines the power of diagnostics, restorative and Invisalign workflows in a single, comprehensive scan,” he explained.


iTero Element 5D technology quoteAs a company, here at Digital Smile Design we are passionate about finding solutions to help dentists to differentiate themselves, and create efficiency through the latest technologies.


Here are four ways that the iTero Element 5D Imaging System can transform the way you interact with and treat your patients:


1. It has NIRI Technology 

NIRI stands for Near Infrared Imaging. This state-of-the-art technology allows us to see inside the tooth and visualize the internal tooth structure.

We are able to see beyond the outer structure to be able to better diagnose and treatment plan for patients, seeing decay before we can even see it on an x-ray, as well as cracks in teeth.

The on-screen view of a scan using the iTero Element 5D shows how NIRI Technology works.

With this technology we can really get a close-up view of the structure of the enamel and the dentin, plus with the iTero Element 5D, we have a new era of patient engagement.

Not only can you see beyond what the eye can see, but you can also clearly show any changes in the mouth to your patients. By scanning often, you can monitor caries and catch issues early for better tooth health. Plus there is no harmful radiation, which makes it safe to use on a regular basis for the best results.

What’s more, just one scan with iTero Element 5D delivers multiple uses; from diagnosis, Invisalign, restoration to patient education and visualization, all without juggling multiple tips, wings and steps.


2. It has Invisalign Outcome Simulator 

The iTero Element 5D Outcome Simulator is a popular feature for patients. It creates a one-minute alignment demonstration for the patient, using the scans to create a time lapse simulation.

The on-screen view of a patient's teeth using the iTero Element 5D intraoral scanner shows how the Invisalign Outcome Simulator simulates the outcome of treatment.

You can show how the teeth could move with Invisalign, and it’s simple to use, as well as quick and easy to for your patients to watch.

3. You can use it for Progress Assessment 

The iTero Element 5D also enables you to assess your patients’ progress. This is a really cool feature, where you can compare the exact stage of Invisalign treatment with the simulation in ClinCheck for digital quality control.

A view of the Progress Assessment tool of the iTero Element 5D intraoral scanner.

As a clinician you can see exactly where the patient is at, compared to where they should be in their treatment. And as there is no harmful radiation from the iTero, it is possible to scan patients at each visit, which makes the progress assessment a valuable tool in charting treatment.


4. Forecast problems with the TimeLapse feature

This innovative feature of iTero Element 5D enables you to forecast issues and diagnose problems by comparing different scans with its innovative TimeLapse feature.

This can give you a better understanding of the way in which the soft tissue is receding, as well as any abrasion, erosion and tooth movement. By comparing scans from previous appointments, you can easily see changes and treat them appropriately.

The on-screen view of the iTero Element 5D's TimeLapse Feature shows how dentists can see how patients' dental issues change over time.


The iTero Element 5D is a tool to empower your vision as a dental clinic

This intraoral scanner from Align is a complete imaging system that will empower your vision as a clinic. You cannot find solutions for things you cannot see; so you need to see better. That’s the key.

To become a more comprehensive diagnostician, you need to be aware of the issues and see more clearly.

With the technology that iTero gives us, we can enable better patient understanding and communication.

"Patients are able to own the problem and even better, become the co-designer of the solution, embracing and valuing the solution. Patients need to see it to really believe it. They need to be shown, and this facilitates the process of trusting and accepting the specific solution. So there is nothing better than an intraoral scanner to streamline the process of communication between the dentist and the patient."

The future belongs to comprehensive dentistry. To perform comprehensive dentistry, we need to be able to connect specialists, to improve the decision-making process. To connect specialists, we need to digitalize our patients, and to digitalize our patients, we need to start with an intraoral scan.

We strongly believe that every modern dental office should scan every single patient, at every single appointment.

Don’t waste the opportunity to diagnose better, to plan better, to communicate better, to motivate better and to perform better dentistry through 3D technology. The full digital journey starts with iTero.

An iTero Element 5D screen


iTero Element 5D unboxing

Find out what happened when the DSD Planning Center unboxed and assembled their iTero Element 5D:


Follow Christian to the Align Headquarters in São Paulo, Brazil as he checks out the iTero Element 5D:

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DSD previews the new iTero Element Plus Series

In March 2021, Christian Coachman had the opportunity to preview the very latest iTero Element Plus Series of intraoral scanners by Align Technology at the DSD Headquarters in Madrid.

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DSD test drives the new iTero Element Plus Series


*Editor’s note: this post was updated in July 2021 to include a link to a blog post about the new iTero Element Plus Series

Written by Christian Coachman

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