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DSD Planning Center

The DSD Planning Center is the clinical hub of Digital Smile Design’s global operations. It enables every DSD Clinic to produce the highest accuracy treatment planning for their smile design projects. Using the most advanced software and DSD Protocols and Quality Control system, the Center ensures that dentists enjoy the  benefits of Digital Interdisciplinary Dentistry.

Leading the operations is DSD Planning Center Director, Dr Francis Coachman, who received his DDS degree, and a degree in Surgical Anatomy of the Face from the Institute of Biological Sciences, from the University of Sao Paulo-Brazil and then obtained a certificate in Implantology from Senac Dental School. He is an accredited fellow in Zygomatic Implants from Nobel Biocare and has a vast experience in complex implant/prosthetic cases. Dr Francis Coachman is a co-founder and member of the DSD-Digital Smile Design Team and the director of the DSD Planning Center in Madrid, Spain. 


Dr Francis Coachman recently spoke to DSD’r magazine about what the Center has been working on and what it’s goals are for 2019. We have summarised the highlights of this interview that originally appeared in the DSD’r magazine.


DSD Planning Center


How was 2018 for the DSD Planning Centre? 

Dr Francis Coachman: It was probably the most important year for the Center so far. Actually, every year has brought significant progress since its start in 2014, so this was kind of expected, but 2018 was a very special year. We grew our team and increased our case numbers. It was also the first year in our new office, and most importantly, we were able to implement our vision and philosophy.


I would say that the big highlight of the year was the team; the team members are such a pleasure to work with and their energy is amazing!



Can you share some of the most impressive cases that have come through the DSD Planning Center?

Dr Francis Coachman: This is very hard to say. There are so many cases, from the simple complex ones, and I wouldn’t be able to pick one or two. The most rewarding part of our work is knowing that all the patients that come to us via our clients, will get a better treatment because of what we do. It’s a great honor and pleasure to be able to help dentists from all over the world to have a better understanding of what their patients need and want. 


What are the main things you would like dentists to know about the DSD Planning Center? 

Dr Francis Coachman:  It’s essential to understand that DSD and digital dentistry is not magic. However, in collaboration with DSD, dentists can visualise and understand their patients’ problems on an entirely new level. This will help them to improve their treatment planning, which is one of the biggest problems in dentistry nowadays. But they still need to do their job and work hard to deliver excellent treatment. So the Planning Center is here to enhance what dentists already know and improve dentistry by always thinking about achieving the best outcomes for our patients. 

At the same time, we understand that starting with digital dentistry is a steep learning curve. It’s a process that requires substantial effort, patients and most of all education and training. That’s why we always recommend dentists to attend one of our four-day DSD Residency courses before starting to use the Center. 


What does every DSD Clinic need to do in order to make the most of using the DSD Planning Centre?

Dr Francis Coachman:  Simply put: start using us! The only way to really get the best out of the Planning Center, after going down the educational path is to use us. Through the interaction and collaboration you will soon understand what to order and how to use each of our services for each case. 


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Take us through a typical day at the DSD Planning Center

Dr Francis Coachman: The day-to-day work at the Planning Center is very intense. Our team includes 20 smile designers and together we enjoy great energy and teamwork. The team is divided into the tech division (3D engineers) who do most of the prep work and smile design, while our dentists ensure the quality control of the designs and treatment plans. Then we have more than 10 people in various administrative roles such as finance, education, and customer support. 

Our goal is for the team members to work to the best of their abilities, so we structure our days around priority tasks with built-in flexibility for creativity and innovation. It is certainly a challenge to work with so many different dentists in various locations every day, each with their own work style and preferences. But thanks to these interactions we are constantly learning and improving our services.


It’s also becoming clear that DSD is creating a universal dental language as a result, and this is very special to us. 



What do you personally enjoy most about your work at the DSD Planning Center? 

Dr Francis Coachman: In addition to our team, to work and interact with all our clients is a very enriching experience. We learn from every client every day. It is human relationships what most matter at the end. And even though we don’t see our clients face-to-face, it certainly doesn’t feel that way. It’s a very powerful relationship. 


What can DSD followers expect to see from the DSD Planning Center in 2019?

Dr Francis Coachman: We are always evolving and creating new solutions, so it’s going to be a busy year! What I can already share with you is that we are developing a new website that will integrate all DSD solutions, including the Planning Center, App and DSD main website with all the educational content. 

We will also roll out exciting new products, such as the Smile Express, which is motivational smile design and printed Mockup Shell delivered to the dentist in a maximum of 72 hours. Another very important step will be the launch of the Planning Centers in Brazil and China. We already opened the DSD China office last year, and we are on the final stages of training of the Planning Center team. Watch this space! 


What do you most look forward to this year? 

Dr Francis Coachman: DSD is expanding and becoming even more streamlined operationally. I look forward to seeing this trend continue, and being able to spread DSD all around the world, helping the dental community, and especially being more affordable to everyone, so as many patients as possible can get the benefits of the DSD concept. 


Take a closer look at the Planning Center with Dr Francis Coachman

Are you interested in finding out more about how the DSD Planning Center operates and how it could help your dental clinic to perform facially driven smile design with improved accuracy and precision? You can take a closer look at the digital workflows used by the Center in this behind the scenes virtual tour with Dr Francis Coachman. Watch this short video now:



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