Digital Smile Design - May 5, 2020

How to become an expert in our new ‘normal’

Christian’s thoughts on COVID-19: how to become an expert in our new ‘normal’

While the COVID-19 pandemic means that much of the world remains in quarantine, Christian Coachman examines not just the difficult moment we are facing right now, but those to come as we adapt to the changes that lie ahead of us.

In today’s post, he looks ahead with optimism and explores how a fundamental shift in our mindset and mental attitude could help us to face future challenges head on and come out on the other side even better prepared than we were before.

You can read Christian’s initial comments on the COVID-19 crisis in his open letter here.

The positive, ‘be ready’ attitude

“We are exposed on social media to an overwhelming amount of images of dentists dressed like astronauts, tough biosafety protocol suggestions, deep concerns about recession, not understanding if what we do will still be as relevant, cross-contamination fears, and uncertainty. How will we survive all of this?

Of course, dentists are reacting in a negative way towards this type of forecast and the comments are usually hoping - and even desperately praying - that these predictions don’t become true. The hope is that the world can go back to normal as fast as we can – as close as possible to the old ‘normal’.”

The world won’t be the same again

“The problem is that the world will never be the same and that the new ‘normal’ can become anything. We just don’t know. And yes, the worst working environment scenario can become the new ‘normal’. The point is that whatever happens, we will get used to it. We will get used to it, even to the worst – that’s how great humans are. We are amazing, adaptable beings, physically and emotionally.

Christian’s thoughts on COVID-19: how to become an expert in our new ‘normal’ 
The important thing to understand is that whatever the new way of doing things is, we will have the people accepting and adapting faster to it, and launching the ‘I’m ready’ type of attitude, the ‘I’m ready’ mode. And we’ll be the first, as well, to send this message to the team and to consumers, and profiting faster as well because of this attitude.”

Accept, adapt, prepare... and launch

“My suggestion is not to fight against possibilities, get angry with the possible crazy new ‘normal’, or mourn the fact that the past was so good and the future can be so tough. Desiring that the past can come back is a very bad psychological strategy at this point.

While the majority will be fighting and complaining, the smart ones will be getting ready. And even better – they’ll enjoy the process of getting ready.

This is not new. This happened at all pivotal moments in human history. Accept, adapt, prepare and launch. Stay ahead of the game, become a ‘new normal’ expert. Forget about the old way – there is no way back. The past was beautiful but every minute feeling sorry is a minute wasted.

Become the best, and the first one in the new way, whatever it may be. Yes – the worst scenario can become the ‘normal’. Probably not, but maybe yes.”

Seeing yourself in the worst-case scenario

“The process of exercising the worst-case scenario, and seeing yourself succeeding in it, is a great exercise. Imagine yourself smiling and being happy in the new ‘horrible’ normal.

We don’t know. That’s the best answer to almost all questions nowadays. Not knowing can be very scary, but after this exercise, not knowing becomes no problem any more since we already see ourselves succeeding and happy, even in the worst scenario.

Anything better than the worst becomes an extra gift for us. Quote 2 (4)No matter what, be ready

“The mental attitude should be: no matter what, I’ll be ready. I will be the first and I will be the best. While the majority is praying for the best and completely lost if the worst comes, I’m ready and starting to even enjoy the worst.

It’s very simple: the worse the reality becomes, the more opportunities for differentiated people to survive.

The worse the scenario, the more difficult for the average and the better for the resilient and more prepared ones. So, if you are among extraordinary people and extraordinary professionals, the reality is that the more challenging the future is, the better for the type of professionals in your group.

Honestly, I do like tough scenarios and challenges.

I’m ready – bring it. What about you guys?”

COVID-19 Conversations

During this time, it’s vital that we continue to be the best we can be, both for ourselves and for our patients. That’s why, over the last few weeks, we’ve launched two brand new podcast shows with over 50 hours of FREE content to help you brush up on your clinical skills and hear from some of the best minds in dentistry.

In the first, Coffee Break with Coachman, Christian and other leading dentistry professionals have been talking about the impact of the current crisis and how to adapt to the challenges we’re all facing, while in Clinical Solutions with Luken and Guests, DSD Education Strategy Director Dr Luken de Arbeloa has been hosting deep dives into clinical issues and solutions with esteemed specialists.

If you’ve missed any of our conversations, don’t worry – they’re available for FREE on our website. Check out our blog post for a full episode breakdown and the links to replay all our episodes to date. 

Don’t forget to keep an eye out on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn for upcoming shows and events in place to support you and our DSD Community during this time.

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