Christian Coachman - May 26, 2021

49 reasons why DSD Residency 1 is your best investment in dental education

49 reasons why DSD Residency 1 is your best investment in dental education

Over the years, our flagship DSD Residency 1 course has united like-minded clinicians worldwide who share a dream of dentistry being more than a job that pays the bills. Based on participant feedback, this career-refreshing course sees dentists returning to their clinics with a reignited passion for the profession, a renewed sense of pride and a different perspective on clinical performance. 

Delivering the most up-to-date know-how in clinical solutions, smile design and treatment planning, this course is the recommended starting point with Digital Smile Design and the best way to master the concepts that will help you transform the way you see dentistry and the experience you offer your patients on a daily basis. 

But what exactly about DSD Residency 1 makes it the undeniable BEST way to reinvigorate your dental career in 2021? 

Christian Coachman, DSD Founder and CEO, has 49 reasons why DSD Residency 1 should be your dental education course of choice this year. Find out what they are here👇 👇



49 reasons why you need to attend DSD Residency 1 in 2021...

Reason #1:
To understand the difference between being great and being perceived as great 

Reason #2: To ‘wow’ your patients and transform them into fans 

Reason #3: To make dentistry more meaningful to you... 

Reason #4: ...and make you more meaningful to your patient 

Reason #5: To understand the future of dentistry... 

Reason #6: ...and be ready for the future!

Reason #7: To become the ‘quarterback’ of your team

Reason #8: To empower your team

Reason #9: To understand where your bottlenecks are...

Reason #10: ...and to develop the solutions for these bottlenecks 

Reason #11: To deliver more natural and beautiful smiles – with less stress 

Reason #12: To make fewer mistakes 

Reason #13: To reduce your processes 

Reason #14: To improve decision-making 

Reason #15: To take your treatment planning to the next level 

Reason #16: To understand the disruption that we are living in

Reason #17: To enjoy the changing landscape…. 

Reason #18: ...and to always be one step ahead 

Reason #19: To differentiate yourself 

Reason #20: To benefit from the first-mover advantage

Reason #21: To gain a sustainable, competitive advantage 

Reason #22: To learn better and faster

Reason #23: To reignite your passion for your profession 

Reason #24: To renew your pride for your profession 

Reason #25: To improve your performance in your profession 

Reason #26: To become the best version of yourself

Reason #27: To improve your financial resilience 

Reason #28: To master digital

Reason #29: To imagine your dream office and create a plan to get you there

Reason #30: To compare the old and the new way 

Reason #31: To improve the patient experience 

Reason #32: To select better technologies

Reason #33: To combine efficiency and differentiation…

Reason #34: ...and performance and experience 

Reason #35: To be confident, but humble 

Reason #36: To be ambitious, but generous

Reason #37: To have a lifestyle-oriented business 

Reason #38: To understand orofacial principles 

Reason #39: To become a better SMILE DESIGNER

Reason #40: To become a better SMILE ARTIST 

Reason #41: To become a better SMILE ARCHITECT 

Reason #42: To better integrate esthetics... 

Reason #43: ...and function with digital 

Reason #44: To do more of the dentistry you love 

Reason #45: To move from everyday dentistry into life-changing dentistry 

Reason #46: To improve smile design with digital, improve ortho with digital, and improve perio and implants with digital 

Reason #47: To improve restorative with digital, and improve function with digital 

Reason #48: To become a great storyteller about all of the reasons above 

Reason #49: And finally, to clarify your purpose, polish your plan... and immediately jump into action!

Ready to get started? Find your
DSD Residency 1 course for 2021

DSD learning just got even easier! We’re thrilled to announce that in addition to our DSD Residency 1 Livestream program, in-person DSD Residency 1 courses are back in 2021 – with a number of courses scheduled in outstanding locations like Madrid, Miami and Los Angeles

If you’re ready to experience the best that DSD Residency 1 has to offer, book your place to take advantage of not just the 49 official benefits of this flagship course... but a whole host of extras besides. By joining us in the location of your choice this year, you’ll have the chance to network and connect with like-minded professionals in person, hang out with Christian Coachman and the DSD team, and get some face time with inspirational DSD Masters who are already implementing the DSD ideas with great success in their own clinics. Change the scenery, step out of your routine and comfort zone for a few days and get the full DSD learning experience and professional inspiration in these career-enhancing concepts.

If you’re not in a position to travel yet though, don't worry. The next edition of our popular online DSD Residency 1 Livestream program, which we’ve streamed live over the last year, will also be back this summer. And starting on 30 August 2021, we’ll be hosting three staggered 10-week courses to suit different time zones! Take a look and choose the DSD Residency 1 Livestream course that best suits your schedule.

Find out more about DSD Residency 1 and book your seat

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Written by Christian Coachman

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