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Aspire to become a DSD Clinic

Aspire to become a DSD Clinic


The ultimate goal of a DSD Clinic is to bring more smile design patients through the door. We have created this clinic pathway for dentists because we understand the investment of time and energy that is required to adopt DSD protocols in an existing dental practice. We want to see everyone thrive using our systems and processes, so we have compiled a supportive and structured entry into Digital Smile Design through this program.

We take immense pride in our DSD Clinics and their achievements. We welcome new clinics who have done the groundwork and shown they are committed and ready to implement the necessary changes to their practice infrastructure. 


What does it mean to be a DSD Clinic? And how can you take the first steps to becoming a DSD Clinic?



How do you become a DSD Clinic?

There are three main stages to the journey you can take to become a DSD Clinic. Each stage is carefully planned to give you enough training and knowledge to advance to the next level. 


STAGE ONE - Become A DSD Member

The first stage is really simple - to become a DSD Member you can either:

This will give you the foundation and understanding of Digital Smile Design and emotional dentistry. In both courses you will meet other DSD Dentists, members of the DSD Team, and world-leading speakers who will give you the training and knowledge you need to fully comprehend how DSD can transform your practice.


STAGE TWO - Put your DSD knowledge into practice

To help you to implement the DSD Protocols effectively and efficiently, we ask DSD members who want to become a DSD Clinic to:

  • Schedule a DSD Consultancy 
  • Complete an audit
  • Complete a report
  • Attend a 2-day training


STAGE THREE - Become a DSD Master

At least one of the dentists in your clinic must be a DSD Master in order for you to become a DSD Clinic. This is achieved by sending 3 cases using the DSD Protocol, which are assessed. 



Gabinetes Clínica Cloe



Become a DSD Clinic 

What does this mean in practice? In a nutshell, becoming a DSD Clinic involves: 

  • Your clinic having the DSD stamp
  • Co-branding: You keep your brand identity plus DSD elements
  • Guided implementation of the DSD Concept 
  • Access to DSD know-how, software, platforms and tools



What are the benefits of being a DSD Clinic?

Once you achieve DSD Clinic status, you will gain exclusive access to DSD’s key products that will supercharge all the systems and processes that you’ve put in place up until that point. We help you to improve your patients’ experience and differentiate you from your competition. By implementing the DSD Digital Workflow and using the DSD Protocol, you can add value to your patients and optimize results and processes. 


As a DSD Clinic you will have:

  • DSD Clinic co-branding: Attract patients with your new Clinic status

  • Patient brand: We have developed a strong patient-facing brand that you will be able to use in all your materials

  • Patient storylines: Using the latest digital technology, we have created a series of DSD explanations for patients which can be seamlessly embedded as digital experiences on your own website
  • DSD Planning Center: Every Digital Smile Design case that you undertake in your clinic has our full support through the DSD Planning Center, an  interdisciplinary team of dentists, implantologists and orthodontists who are experts in Digital Smile Design. The DSD Planning Center helps DSD Clinics to develop unique digital treatment modalities such as DSD 2D & 3D, Mockup, Guided Surgery, and Restorations

  • Access to DSD Marketing Agency: Additional resources available for promotion of DSD campaigns 

  • Tier program discount


Face and Smile Ballarat



Interested in becoming a DSD Clinic? 

You can find out more and start your journey to becoming a DSD clinic here:

Find out more here


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